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Powerstar Power UPS service State Customs Service

發布時間: 2016/04/25 人氣 :8093


        Recently, Powerstar Power UPS in the State Customs Service UPS uninterruptible power supply procurement projects, with excellent product performance, improve the service system, strong technical strength and good brand stand out from competitors successfully won the bid, this State Customs Department also service times Powerstar Power forward in the field of state administration in a big market.

        Project Application HP900 series is a treasure Roth for the Chinese power grid network environment and system power requirements and the introduction of (parallel redundant N + X) double conversion high frequency online UPS, able to respond quickly to changes in the external environment and greatly stability and reliability assurance system operation, to provide users with 7 × 24 hours of normal operation of power support.
        The successful bidder for the State Customs Service, the product quality is not only fully affirmed Powerstar Power, more successful application in the field after the national executive has accumulated valuable experience. Future, Powerstar Power will continue to advanced technology, reliable products, quality services for the majority of users escort, their value will be organically integrated into industrial applications. (Correspondent: Power Star)